Wanting to sell your home, but unsure if you need to remodel for an additional bathroom? Here are three main reasons why adding an additional bath might improve your property value with this low cost option. But how hard is it to add one? Where would you even find room for it in your home?



Before you begin to renovate it is important to decide where in your home to add the new bath. Finding this space is actually an easier process than expected, unless you plan to change the layout of your home. It also depends on what the homeowner wants, either a bathroom for guests, children or perhaps a master bath for themselves. The first step is to locate any dead space within the home such as common areas like stairwells, oversized closets or oversized bathrooms.


Something to keep in mind is that if you do not have an upstairs bathroom, it can be rather tricky and costly to run plumbing lines between floors. Homes with single story layouts have the most flexibility, because they can simply run the water and waste lines through the crawl space. Most homeowners add a powder room to the main floor to increase accessibility for guests and cut costs. A powder room (half bath) requires only a three-foot by six-foot area, which is about the size of a larger closet. It is important to note that half baths aren’t as attractive to buyers as full one. So you may want to consider if a full bathroom is worth the cost and will pay off better when it is time to sell.


Up to Code.

When adding an additional bathroom, plumbing lines will need to be updated to the current codes. Unfortunately, this could result in an entire update to all of the household systems. It is important to hire a plumber to determine what changes to the plumbing need to made before beginning your project. If your home is on a septic system, it is important to determine whether the system can endure an additional bathroom or you may have an expensive system upgrade to handle. To ensure your bathroom’s configuration is up to code, it is best to get a permit for the work. Having a permit and working up to code might take longer, but it makes buyers feel comfortable with their future purchase.



Cost & Value.

When deciding which kind of bathroom you are wanting to add to your home it is important to know the time it takes to adding a half bath which can take around two weeks to build, where as a full bathroom might take over a month. The great thing about adding a bathroom is that it doesn’t require a lot of space, but remember the bigger the bathroom the higher the cost. Most homeowners these days have been investing in renovating their homes to add an additional bathroom, because of the value it brings to buyers. Homeowners investing in an additional bath yield approximately a 60 percent return. This percentage also depend upon the neighborhood, condition of your home and size.

Ultimately, the resale value and difficulty are not the only factors to consider while making this decision. If you consider a major renovation like adding an additional bath, chances are you are not looking to sell immediately. Therefore, adding an additional bath is a practical renovation that will solve those overcrowded bathroom issues for your family.