As spring approaches many homeowners are beginning to re-freshen their homes whether that be deep cleaning your carpets or maintaining your roof. It is important to ensure that your home can withstand another harsh winter. Nearly all homeowners are focused on cleaning their home opposed to a maintaining their home such as, a roof that faces damaged over the winter. With the weather warming, spring is the perfect time to tackle those maintenance issues and avoid problems the future.


Follow these five spring maintenance tips to ensure your home is in an excellent shape for the remainder of the year.



Wash Window Screens & Windows. Start by removing the screens from the window frame. Inspect the screen to make sure that there are no holes or tears. Screens are designed to keep the bugs out and let the breeze flow, so be sure to carefully check each one. If the holes are bigger than a penny, you should probably patch or replace the window screen. For cleaning the screens use warm water and Grease Lightening/vinegar, scrub each screen with a brush, rinse and then left to dry outside. For cleaning the windows, SprayWay glass cleaner will give you the best results for inside. To wash the exterior windows, use a hose attachment or hire a professional.


Clean Gutter. With the spring season brings spring showers, so make sure your gutters are flush to the roof with no sags or dips. For homeowners with a two-story house, it would be wise to hire a professional. Otherwise consider gutter guards to minimize blockage.  


Inspect Your Roof. Winter storms can be extremely harmful to your home’s roof. Before you spend a fortune on flowers for your garden, have a quick visual inspection. Obviously, a visit up the ladder is required to truly examine the shingles. If you notice anything that you are unsure about, call a roofer for an accurate inspection.


Check & Clean Your Air Unit. Almost every homeowner checks their air filter twice per year. Once before the winter, and once before the summer. Keeping this filter change and clean, makes your indoor air quality healthier and furnace run more efficiently. For the air conditioner, make sure you clean the unit, check belt tension and adjust if need be. If the belt is cracked or worn it is time to replace the belt. It is important for homeowners to know that even though your air conditioning feels cool, it may not be working efficiently. So it is extremely important to either hire a professional or maintain the air unit at least once per year to ensure you are getting the most out of the cooling system.


Deck & Porches. The most maintenance you will encounter with your home is if you have a wood exterior deck, porch, stairs or railing. Every year the wood structure requires inspection. After constant wet days in the winter and early spring, the wood structure loses members and deteriorates. Whether it be a new replacement board or stain job, to avoid constant splinters and injury. If the deck needs maintenance, hire a professional to treat your wood structure or do it yourself!